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but when used as $rssurl in fetch_feed.. Mark / t31os @t31os_ 6 years, 8 months ago What do you think is better for my $uri Use: No idea, whichever works best i guess.. Let me tell you a little about myself Why does unique_ptr instantiation compile to larger binary than raw pointer? The echo of $uri1 and $uri3 results the same than $uri2. this contact form

In this article, you will learn three ways to import and display feed content on your WordPress-powered website -- without installing yet another plugin. In the editor, I actually typed & & and & respectively. get_bookmark_field(‘link_rss', $link->link_id); or $link->link_rss) it is not working anyhow (fatal error Call to undefined method WP_Error::get_items() ) How do I get fetch_feed($url) working with an url form the database? WPINC . '/feed.php'); $rss = fetch_feed( '[rss feed removed from example]' ); if (!is_wp_error( $rss ) ) : $maxitems = $rss->get_item_quantity(5); $rss_items = $rss->get_items(0, $maxitems); $isc = 'http://dtd.interspire.com/rss/isc-1.0.dtd'; endif; ?>

    Fetch_feed Wordpress

    I'm pulling in the content using get_description, but the posts that are coming in have a banner ad or google ad included in the post. Dallas Peters December 31, 2010 at 12:49 pm Thank you, thank you! So the ad with a link to it comes through too. Using WP's fetch_feed()/SimplePie functionality, you have a lot more control over how you display the feed.

    if we define $rssurl there ( I also tried that, it was working in that way… it is similar to inserting link directly). Usage =fetch_feed($uri);?> Parameters $uri (mixed) (required) The URI of the RSS feed you Back to the top Skip to main content Home » WordPress » WordPress Development » Fetch_feed Not Working With URLs Containing & Symbol Scratch99 Design Menu Skip to content Home WordPress Wordpress Simplepie Exploit See also wp-includes/deprecated.php.

    Uses the SimplePie and FeedCache functionality for retrieval and parsing and automatic caching. Check out the new WordPress Code Reference! For some reason my yahoo pipes were working locally then moved to client servers and it stopped. With a few quick steps, you can use SimplePie to retrieve and parse any RSS or Atom feeds and display them on any PHP-enabled website (WordPress is not required).

    WPINC . '/feed.php'); $feed = fetch_feed('http://participmontpellier.wordpress.com/feed/'); if ( ! Wordpress Get Rss Feed From Another Site Here’s how to setup SimplePie in three easy steps: Download SimplePie and unzip Place the “simplepie.inc” into a folder named “php” located in the web-accessible root directory of your website Create Sound good? If you are active on Flickr, Delicious, Twitter, or Tumblr, your visitors will enjoy staying current with your updates.

    Simplepie Object

    Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total) Mark / t31os @t31os_ 6 years, 8 months ago Call to undefined method WP_Error::get_items() Seems whatever you're doing to call the Use wp-includes/rss.php instead share|improve this answer edited Jul 5 at 16:03 cjbj 5,56171953 answered Jul 5 at 15:54 landed 1012 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign Fetch_feed Wordpress asked 4 years ago viewed 922 times Upcoming Events 2016 Community Moderator Election ends in 6 days Blog How We Make Money at Stack Overflow: 2016 Edition Stack Overflow Podcast #94 Wp_rss What could cause humanity to migrate from land to water?

    asked 1 year ago viewed 333 times active 1 year ago Blog How We Make Money at Stack Overflow: 2016 Edition Stack Overflow Podcast #94 - We Don't Care If Bret http://swhcr.com/rss-feed/wordpress-rss-feed-url-not-working.html Here an example to read feed and output the last 5 entries of the feed

    I just showed an example of pulling the link and the brief description, but it's really easy to pull any/all of the data out of any RSS feed, something that you Hot Network Questions How do we show that the function which is its own derivative is exponential? Display Random Posts from Specific Tags or Categories Instant karma Tweet Share with others About this post Author: Jeff Starr Archived: April 26, 2009 Updated: Jul 21st, 2015 Category: WordPress Tags: navigate here Word to describe object that can be physically passed through 80s Sci-Fi movie with "fire-lion / fire-wolf" chasing people through locked steel doors What does the letter 'u' mean in /dev/urandom?

    Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the Php Display Rss Feed Setting the constant is usually done in the wp-config.php of the installation, or as alternative in the Plugin. No error anymore.

    ok thanks Frank.

    I was running the url parameter through the esc_url function for security purposes. I had a look at the source and found it had & instead of &. So any help appreciated... Wordpress Rss Feed Url The relationship between flat vector bundle and flat projective bundle What does the letter 'u' mean in /dev/urandom?

    Should I be concerned about "security"? Here's the proper way to retrieve a feed into WP, in a useful little mini-feed-loop that I put together: View the code on Gist. Setting the variables Path to the SimplePie script - edit according to your specific setup new SimplePie - setup a new instance of SimplePie feed variable Feed URL - specify the http://swhcr.com/rss-feed/wordpress-feed-url-not-working.html share|improve this answer answered Mar 29 '11 at 18:48 Wyck 15k42853 1 The domain name I was trying to access is an alias of another domain name.

    A small possibility I would like to point out more, available as of WordPress 2.9 (ticket 11117), to simplify debugging for developers. How does insertion of mixed sObjects behave? How secure is iterative password enhancement? I would probably put that into a function in functions.php and call it like a template tag, but you could just drop it straight into your template if you wanted.

    If you are using WordPress, you can take advantage of the built-in Magpie functionality and display feeds quickly and easily. Had I looked at the raw source, I would have seen the & straight away - not that it makes a difference, the URL doesn't work with that in it either. Your answer assisted me in coming to this realization. This site is not affiliated with the WordPress Foundation in any way.

    If an array of URLs, the feeds are merged. */ do_action_ref_array( 'wp_feed_options', array( &$feed, $url ) ); $feed->init(); $feed->set_output_encoding( get_option( 'blog_charset' ) ); $feed->handle_content_type(); if ( $feed->error() ) return new WP_Error( Feeds are also useful as content sources for people too lazy to write their own stuff. Simply edit the three variables in the first three lines of the script and you are good to go. Don’t forget that, for caching to work, SimplePie must have write access to the cache directory (see above).

    add_filter( 'wp_feed_cache_transient_lifetime', create_function( '$a', 'return 1800;' ) ); In this example, I set the cache to 30 minutes. Remove Widget Titles: Remove widget titles on the front end! In the second line, we specify two parameters: the first is our feed URL and the second is the number of titles to display. The fetch_rss() also fetches and parses feed content and will output the results according to your specific script configuration.

    Magpie parses feeds for two different WordPress functions: wp_rss() - fetches and parses feeds for instant/automatic output fetch_rss() - fetches and parses feeds for advanced/customized output Each of these functions uses is_wp_error( $feed ) ) : $limit = $feed->get_item_quantity(2); $items = $feed->get_items(0,$limit); endif; if (!$items){ echo $feed->get_error_message(); } else { foreach ($items as $item) { ?>

    get_date('F j, Y'); ?>

    The value is operated on the method WP_Feed_Cache_Transient(), parameter $lifetime. For non-WordPress users or for those seeking more control over the feed importation and display process, you will find all of the flexibility you need with SimplePie.

    Kim WoodbridgeJanuary 11, 2010 @ 1:58 am Thanks for this post!