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Wp Ecommerce Add To Cart Not Working

wpsc-grid_view.php – This file is responsible for generating the product's grid view display. So if your last operation was adding an item to the cart then refreshing the page immediately after this operation will add another item to the cart (Ofcourse the browser will Many themes are not designed according to WordPress standard and causes problems. Tips & Tricks You can unload the default styles of WPEC and run your own styles in your theme CSS by putting this in the functions.php wp_deregister_style('wpsc-theme-css');. http://swhcr.com/wp-ecommerce/wp-ecommerce-not-working.html

Don't load it back in just yet. So any changes to the style has to be made there or you can override it in your main theme's CSS. If so, have you been able to look into it? We will discuss a bit more on this and CSS for WPEC in general later on.

On return from paypal, the cart does not clear. Thank you! LeeAnne says: @ Ivy, yes -- I've tried it both ways, no go. If I start with item 2, the total owed is 10.00 Kat says: Thank you so much, worked like a charm Ivy says: Hi Kat, The following forum post will explain

I'm having no luck getting any assistance from either digital nature or the getShopped folks. This list is kept short. We will mimic this color for our "add to cart" button. When I click on the add to cart button a drop down with the quantity appears, which ideally I'd like to have outside the the drop down so it's always seen,

Cheers & many thanks, K Rick Cano @rcano 4 years, 12 months ago Your welcome K, I prefer Elegant Themes, Genesis Framework, PageLines and if you have a little money Woo I'm using the latest version of WP and the latest version of the plugin. Ivy says: Hi LeeAnne, I will send you an email regarding this as I will need to take a closer look at your site. Go ahead and navigate to that section and change the border color to #D1BFA6.

The "price total :" word is missing In ie 9, the error broke the "shopping cart page", meaning your theme menu ,everything all is mess up robert3harrison @robert3harrison 3 years, 11 In ie 9, the error broke the whole site, meaning your theme menu ,everything all is mess up xtra @babypress 3 years, 11 months ago The only problem since updating is E.g. Now why doesn't it add an item to the cart when this is done on this site?

wpsc-user-log.php – This file is responsible for generating the ‘Your Account' page where customers can view their previous account purchase history. Report Compatibility related changes We invite you to report planned changes in a theme, plugin or WooCommerce Extension. Again this is in my local site, if you can instruct me on how to completely remove woo, maybe that will solve all these problems. Alenka says: One more thing.

This is where WPEC will look when generating each element on your e-commerce section of your site. this content admin says: @Gary, if you want to always display the cart then use the shortcode explained here: http://www.tipsandtricks-hq.com/forum/topic/when-nothing-is-added-to-cart-nothing-appears Gary says: Just giving the plugin it's first run. Good to hear that the step by step approach helped and at least you know that you've narrowed it down to the actual theme. Any tips?

I want to use wpStoreCart oldlock @oldlock 3 years, 11 months ago Same here add to cart does nothing. First of all I have to say I'm very happy with your plugin (really easy to use and great documentation). I would be very glad for help with this. http://swhcr.com/wp-ecommerce/wp-ecommerce-checkout-not-working.html I tried on 3 different hosting providers, still the same problem… malkram @malkram 3 years, 11 months ago [UPDATE] I added a Checkout widget and it works now.

This should only take them a few minutes to do. I deleted Woo and changed the page slug but when click Cart under my Account is still says "No purchases found." It only shows my products in my cart when I However, if you're wanting to change the look and feel of store you'll need to move these files to your theme directory, this way they won't get over-written when you upgrade

This could be an issue with how things are set up in the WP Dashboard.

Step 5: Now access your admin dashboard for the plugin and you should have a fully operating WP e-Commerce now. I'm getting the following error: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/pagan11460/ctdrybasements.com/site/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-simple-paypal-shopping-cart/wp_shopping_cart.php on line 141 It's on this page: http://www.ctdrybasements.com/make-a-payment/ Can anyone help me figure out what's wrong? Raymond says: Just added the shopping cart plugin. Final Step: If you're eCommerce plugin is now working correctly….enable your Primary Theme at this time….what these steps will do is eliminate each item that may affect this plugin.

There will be a few occurrences so do the same for all of them. In addition, lets also make the border width 5px so that it better fits the style of the rest of the theme. compatibility.css – This CSS file is for overriding default styles of a theme. http://swhcr.com/wp-ecommerce/wp-ecommerce-lightbox-not-working.html http://molltest.hstestsite2014.info/product/the-seductive-home-limited-black-edition/ I'm going to try the plugin conflict right now.

You should have something like this: But what about that hideous default purchase button!! Let me know if you have any other questions. Can you please tell me where this error is happening?