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Wp Ecommerce Checkout Not Working

Simply add the following line in your "footer.php" file to solve this: Add to Cart Button Not Showing in IE This usually happens when the theme has some Alenka says: One more thing. LeeAnne says: Using this at http://www.pacaqua.org/pacaqua_news/index.php?page_id=89, with paypal sandbox. Some stores will need to have this turned on to take advantage of other plugins like members and TikiPress. http://swhcr.com/wp-ecommerce/wp-ecommerce-checkout-page-not-working.html

eg. 10.00 or 6.70 or 1999.95 etc (Do not put currency symbol in the price field) NextGen Gallery doesn't show the "Add to Cart" buttons correctly Make sure the wp eStore Could it be file permissions or GoDaddy handling PHP in an odd way? Though, Flynn, that is NOT to say that I do not want to also hear your thoughts. I can't leave a non working site.

I set it up to write to a debug log, and this is the error it listed: PHP Notice: Undefined variable: action in /home/content/08/8062908/html/siteprimo/wp-content/themes/primotheme/wpsc-products_page.php on line 78 The corresponding line 78 I did "photog college" in London and one of my best friends is from Keighley (sp?) -- my wife and I used to go up with him and stay the weekend Most of the WP e-Commerce database tables have an obvious purpose.  “_also_bought” helps identify patterns of customer purchasing behavior for product suggestions; “_cart_contents” stores shopping cart data in the database (rather If you'd like to add the product total and tax amounts to the review section then the following code will do that.

Take note if you are setting up new delivery or billing address fields as they have special boxes eg "delivery city". My provider can't seem too help. The detail is incredible, every corner I peak into I find something that surprises me. You will need to contact your hosting provider to fix this issue.

Add State Drop Down List to WPEC PHP 5.5 Plugin Issues WP SlimStat not so Slim? Ivy says: Hi Victoria, It looks like you have a small error in your code [wp_cart:Up up and away 11×14:14.99:PRODUCT-PRICE:var1[Finish|Matte|Glossy]:end] The words product-price needs to me removed it should look like While similar questions may be on-topic here, this one was resolved in a manner unlikely to help future readers. No.

I'm going to try to dig down into the Prestashop "documentation" to try to learn if Prestahop might have a direct/immediate link to the people who handle our existing merchant account Ivy says: Hi Bee, In the setting menu of the plugin you can specify a custom button image. add a comment| 1 Answer 1 active oldest votes up vote 0 down vote accepted The php notice is not bad most of the time and the sections works anyway. One of the main issues is that the Post payment data is not getting posted back to the "Return Page".

Per-product shipping incorrectly states that shipping is $0 when store settings add shipping to the cart on checkout. (But this field can easily be hidden, you just have to know about it's just with Echo 1.5.1. Unfortunately however the WPEC developers have chosen not to show the customer the complete details of the transaction to review. Creating products As with the last ecommerce plugin I tested, “Products” are a custom post type with their own menu in the sidebar of the administrative area.  I’m going to quickly

Cookie Policy Contact Us Select Page WP-eCommerce Checkout Page Mar 23, 2012 | Plugins, WP e-Commerce | 6 comments WordPress Version: 3.3.1 WP-eCommerce Version: Plugin Author: GetShopped / Instinct Problem: this content It works fine on one computer, and not on the other. I found a file named wp-shopping-cart.php but it does not have 451 lines to put the code you mentioned. Hey "newbonic"! ...note: you should also see my reply above to "Chuck/marineceo": As I've said, the obvious lack of support at the wp-ecommerce plugin freaked me out.

Jim PS -- I can't see why there appears to so little interest in the "Atahualpa and e-commerce" subject. Click here for THEMEFRAME From the author of Atahualpa, the #1 mostdownloaded (700,000+) theme @ wordpress.org Page 1 of 2 1 2 > #1 Feb 17, 2009, 05:05 AM A quick drag and drop and it was fixed. http://swhcr.com/wp-ecommerce/wp-ecommerce-not-working.html I tried it on one computer and it's working, but not working on another.

However, the cart does not appear until I add a product. Reply admin on May 9, 2013 at 1:11 pm Depending on what you wish to change you can style the purchase button CSS which would usually be /wpsc/theme/wpsc-default.css by looking at Zencart, Creloaded, XTCommerce, OScommerce are all the same breed I think and based on OSCommerce.

Cheers, Ivy Miguel says: One more question: When selecting the products, if there ias a product already in the shopping cart, ant the page is reloaded, the quantity is automatically increased

admin says: @Chris, it sounds like your PHP session is not working on your server. I would have spent MORE for such expertise and service that you receive with this product. Cheers, Ivy Margaret says: I'm having the same problem as Alenka… (above). Is there a setup step that I have missed?

I always begin the review process by investigating the one-star reviews.  These can often point towards possible pitfalls or problem areas.  However, sometimes they are not very relevant. Over the years I have bought many themes that never work as advertised. I'm really torn between pushing ahead with wp e-commerce ......or trying the other one mentioned (Shopp). check over here I have 2 different products on one page.

Thanks! Please don't take this the wrong way but as you are not listed as a plugin contributor or author could you please not post your email or attempt to contact people I never get brought to the paypal checkout window http://ladiesexplorerclubco.ipage.com Posted 4 years ago # Elliott Support Hello coreyammons, Make sure you have at least one payment gateway activated. Is the selling side of your business important?

When I enter a quantity and press enter it remove my item from the cart. The sun's even out! I guess I might wind up running two e-commerce sites alongside the main WP/ATA site. And the documentation, it’s extremely well written and very easy to follow.

So to simplify, why is nothing happening when you click the buttons? Any ideas? We already have an old-fashioned merchant account through our local bank with Transfirst, but the people at the bank aren't much help when it comes to online business. share|improve this answer answered Mar 4 '12 at 19:24 alesub 81268 add a comment| Not the answer you're looking for?

It displays fine in default templates. I had taken a long look at Zen Cart, but it wanted to be the ENTIRE website: homepage, product gallery, shopping cart, etc. You will need to contact your hosting provider to fix this issue. Have you looked at prestashop?

I have tried a simple one, "WP Simple Paypal Shopping cart" but it did not work well, was buggy, and most of all the author ignored my questions concerning problems. Thank you! however if you are experimenting with form fields you would be better off to create a new form set and not delete from the default one. At best: you'll become comfortable with both plugins be able to offer clients a choice with advice re the pros and cons.

This should only take them a few minutes to do. Everything I find is costing 20 a month ($35ish).