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ash I just got hit with the destiny anteater error. Very irritating. I am not too sure, there is more to this i think. Share your issues with Down Today readers: ← Older Comments → Cindy Porter Lovely article - one of the best things I've recently read, and by far the most useful.

Sanjay Trying to play Battlefield Hardline online but keep having connections issues with multiplayer, all it wants to do is keep loading. This link here should have some info on how to service your Elite Controller https://t.co/8ijVetvRl4 ^TJ 29 mins ago @RaZor_KryPtc I see. Scott 3 xbox 360s' constantly disconnect multiple times EVERY DAY..Had a new router installed..had an engineer out.Fibre is excellent but keep getting dc'd.Deleted profile emptied cache numetous times STLL disconnecting.At my Aston My Xbox One keeps freezing on me upon start up let alone trying to get onto Xbox Live.

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Marius Husselman not connecting to xbox live…..20/07/2016 William burdett My xbox one won't connect to xbox live is it down? What is happening now? When I was on damn the new map is good.

You must be signed in with your Microsoft account and provide a 10-digit US phone number. } Xbox Feedback Support Photosensitive Seizure Warning Code of Conduct Fans Xbox Wire For Developers I first tried fixing it by restoring my network settings to default. still an outage on your end according to the error. @Kawynbleidd @xboxsupport hi, is there currently an issue with redeeming codes or updating xbox live subscriptions? Xbox Live Down Detector Larry Not able to use any game save content.

having same problemswith x box live as when they attacked in december Imir Tried playing Destiny and cannot sign into Xbox Live, is lizard squad playing again? Can't Connect To Xbox Live figured maintenance with the new format. I'll play borderlands 2 five minutes later I'll get kicked off. I am getting error code 8015820A!

issue has since been resolved. Xbox Twitter My friend's account worked, yet mine did not. It's happening way to often . im beta preview, since 3 days friend list is broken.

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Jenny Xbox Live is becoming a joke, keeps asking me for email and password even though i put the correct details in. Jack Not able to get online in Texas, Xbox Live is useless. Xbox Live Twitter Billy Down in London, 4/13. Xbox One Not Connecting To Xbox Live Chubbie 28 hours and counting and still cannot connect to Xbox Live.

Whit Not able to access CoD AW in Indiana Kimmey Xbox is still down for me, how long is this going on for? Hope its up and running for fifa 16 demo Ladiie Rochelle My 360 isn't allowing me to log in. Gamespot points to one of the most upvoted threads on the Xbox One sub-Reddit where user BIGBLOCK22s expressed frustrations over Xbox Live being down, saying that Gold subscribers who pay up if there is issue, we report issue. Can't Sign Into Xbox Live

Try this community option, below. Ive played with people who have horrible connection ,but nothing like that has ever happened in a party . Gaming Bolt managed to scour through the thread and find a comment from the Xbox brand's PR front man, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, who addressed the issue of compensation, writing... Tucker I used to take the mickey out of people on PlayStation because of there service, but you know what i hold my head down in shame because PSN is a

Mik Can't download required update on never used xbox one Spencer I am so ticked off, swearing is coming from my mouth but i will be good on here. Xbox Live Support Jess Getting logged out, not surprise there then hey gamers? Sometimes I can host a game or join one and it won't have issues, nor any lag.

i dont pay $60 on top of my internet to not be able to log on, especially with no offline achievements 2016-11-16 13:49:00 @OzMortaL @xboxsupport yes @twitchsupport is tagged in my

Murdoch Xbox Live in down in Nashville. michael torres it wont let me accept friend request and im have issues with online chat, i cant hear other players and they cant hear me, FIX IT NOW XBOX Logan Do we blame Microsoft or our ISP for constant down time (Not being able to login to Xbox Live)? Xbox 360 Servers Shutting Down Is anyone else having the same problem?

All other devices that us wifi work fine . 7 days ago is when this all started i couldnt even join my friends party but i did today .his friend kept Sofie Xbox Live is having issues with its NFL app. Some of the users in the comment section of the Gamespot article point out that it's not just that Xbox Live goes down, rendering the multiplayer component on the Xbox One Barrie Wilson Can login ok on 360, but the one aint having any of it.

Most of the time cannot login. The thread instantly perked up when comments from Hryb were made, as everyone was quick to thank the Major for dropping in to share his thoughts about the problem. like i revived yall 10 times and yall cant revive me the 1 time i go down. 2016-11-16 11:17:47 @SuprSquirrel @xboxsupport windows 10 computer. we clearly were not ready for next gen .not only is the 360 suffering but one is as well .

My Internet connection is fine so its not a fault my end. Ben Velasquez My daughter's 360 isnt loading her minecraft game, says to try downloading again? Finally, I decided to log in on my friend's account. Was almost at the point of throwing my controller out the window last night.

My Internet is great as everything else opens, my PS4 works fine so it must be a Microsoft problem yet again. I did not opt in for the "trial" xbox one platform through my 360 so I am assuming it is a major Microsoft server issue…?!?!?! Hopefully Microsoft can work out a way to let gamers know that they're either working out the problems with Xbox Live consistently going down or at least compensate the Xbox Live ben I'm not able to sign in and getting error code 8015000A.

rob Im having problems with xbox live Horus down for me in canada Stephen Baker Xbox is taking the piss now mite as well buy a ps4 as u get better We will only use the phone number that you provide to notify you when the service or app is back up and running. or is it just mine 2016-11-16 11:06:41 @page_ebooks team captain of fake obey, flexes xbox live down too or? 2016-11-16 10:45:12 @FlyinCarParts @xboxsupport my xbox one has a problem of playing